Join our coalition to repeal the mag ban, letters to lawmakers

Make no mistake, we want to repeal the limitationĀ on magazine capacity. It’s that simple. More challenging is figuring out the winning strategy to get us there.

If those who believe everyone has a right to defend themselves in a manner of their choosing really want to win this battle, then the all-or-nothing-approach of the last three legislative sessions is a massive disappointment. Not only have we been left with nothing, but we haven’t even moved the needle in the right direction. We are stuck.

Fortunately, Ohio has shown us the path to victory: increase magazine capacity at every opportunity until we get our full repeal. In other words, grab incremental victories where we can. Take steps in the right direction until we have no limits whatsoever on magazine capacity.

With that winning strategy in mind, our CCL coalition sent two letters to state lawmakers who identify as Second Amendment supporters urging them to consider this strategy. If they have the courage to win this fight, we will have their backs!

Below are both letters.

From Women for the Re-legalization of 3o Round Magazines


From Coloradans for Civil Liberties



If you would like to add your name to this impressive list of Second Amendment supporters urging Colorado lawmakers to employ a winning strategy to restore freedom, please email us atĀ

Restoring Freedom One Round at a Time!